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Analogy, Desire, and Imitation – Workshop Talks

Now presenting talks by John Betz, Grant Kaplan, Wolfgang Palaver, Joshua Furnal, Michael Kirwan, Philip Gonzales, and William Desmond, along with a roundtable discussion, from the workshop Analogy, Desire, and Imitation at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth, in April 2023. The workshop was enabled by a grant under the Widening Horizons in Philosophical Theology project, […]

IAI panel: Trouble with Heaven: Why does the dark and dangerous attract us?

Trouble with Heaven: Why does the dark and the dangerous attract us? From Milton’s Paradise Lost to bad boys and femmes fatales, we are seduced by the dark and dangerous. Why does the devil have all the best tunes? Have we sanitised the good and made it vacuous, through religion as well as philosophy? Could […]

Conor Cunningham: Video lecture series on Pseudo-Science and Religion

Dr Conor Cunningham from the Department of Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham gives a brief history on the relationship between (psuedo) science and religion in this 6-part YouTube series. “I thought I knew what science was and I thought I knew what religion was. I presume you do too. But is […]

New videos in the ‘Why Study?’ series with Conor Cunningham

Why Study Life Before Death Why Study Transcendentals Why Study Phenomenology   See more videos in the ‘Why Study’ series here.

Interview with Aaron Riches on his Ecce Homo: On the Divine Unity of Christ

 Remove “weight loss” as an actual goal! Chris McGrath said that while this tip may seem crazy, “weight loss is too abstract and subjective to be stated as a legitimate goal.” Weight loss is an outcome that cannot happen without action, so your goals need to include specific actions that will lead to weight loss. Jonathan Ross also said that […]

“What is theology: Telling the story with an apple” with Conor Cunningham

Dr Conor Cunningham tells the story of the ways we can look at an apple. A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more NYGoodHealth involved understanding of the universe and why there is ‘something rather than nothing’. Theology is about making connections, matters of ultimate concern to […]

BBC Active access to Did Darwin Kill God?, by Conor Cunningham

BBC ACTIVE: Video for Learning: Bringing Education and Training to Life Can Darwin and religion exist side by side?  Did Darwin Kill God? is a thought-provoking programme where Anglican Christian, philosopher and theologian Conor Cunningham explains why these two beliefs are not in conflict. Richard Dawkins, famous for his book The God Delusion, believes there is […]

Kinetic sculptural video from Sara Cunningham-Bell: “The Body is there to ennoble the soul”

The Body is there to ennoble the soul – Thomas Aquinas. CUNNINGHAM BELL, 4 9 14 A Cunningham-Bell video which accompanies life size, kinetic sculptures in the solo show- Evolution of our Soul, in Belfast, Thursday 4th – 27th September, 2014. A limited edition book is available for purchase from the Gallery – The Engine […]

Now Online: Charles Taylor Firth Lectures 2014 – Healthy diet

Although keeping to a healthy diet will not prevent you from being infected by a virus like Covid-19, it will help you maintain a good general state of health. With a healthy diet, we have a strong immune system, so your defenses can respond to attacks as effectively as possible. That is why here you […]

Taylor Lectures: Cyril O’Regan

Apocalyptic Theology and the Construction of the Church Today’s lecture is the first of three lectures by Cyril O’Regan in the Taylor Lectures series entitled “Apocalyptic Theology and the Construction of the Church” The first lecture compares and contrasts the two forms of apocalyptic theology that have dominated Protestant theology in the last thirty years, […]

Not Afraid of Darwin or Christ: A Webinar on Theology, Evolution, and Human Nature

  Not Afraid of Darwin or Christ A Webinar on Theology, Evolution, and Human Nature Wednesday, April 17, 2013 7:00 – 8:30 PM EST Overview Can science and religion coexist? Should Christians be afraid of Darwin or scientists afraid of Christ? We will tackle these and other provocative questions in a webinar with two dynamic […]

New and Recent Videos in the ‘Why Study?’ Series

New and recent videos in the ‘Why Study?’ series of videos from the University of Nottingham’s Department of Theology & Religious Studies: Why Study Nature and Grace with Conor Cunningham Previous videos with Conor Cunningham: Why Study Evolution Why Study Atheism Why Study Scripture as Prophecy with Margaret Barker Previous video with Margaret Barker: Why […]

Alison Milbank speaks about The Hobbit

The Hobbit; an unexpected theological journey

Why Study The Theology of Creation with Simon Oliver

The following interview with Simon Oliver is now available to watch from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham: Why Study The Theology of Creation with Simon Oliver Simon Oliver explains what is meant by the belief, common to all three Abrahamic faiths, that God creates ‘out of nothing’ – […]

Why Study Evolution with Conor Cunningham

The following video is now available to watch from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies: Why Study Evolution with Conor Cunningham

‘Why Study?’ Series of Videos from the Department of Theology & Religious Studies

Why Study Atheism with Conor Cunningham Why Study Henri de Lubac with John Milbank Why Study Hans Urs von Balthasar with Karen Kilby Also from Karen Kilby: Why Study The Proslogion of St Anselm? Why Study Karl Rahner? Why Study Systematic Theology at the University of Nottingham? Why Study Systematic Theology with Simon Oliver Also […]

Truth and Mystery: Videos from Hollywood, Marion, and Desmond

Below are three videos of talks by Amy Hollywood, Jean-Luc Marion, and William Desmond, from the “Truth and Mystery” conference that took place on 12 April 2012. Amy Hollywood, “‘Thin Wings’: On Reading, can you buy zolpidem online Death, and Devotion” Jean Luc Marion, “Truth as a Saturated Phenomenon in St. Augustine” William Desmond, “Being […]

Theology Studio

A new website project started by Anthony D Baker and Peter M Candler, Jr: We’ve devoted this space to the exploration of new issues and ideas in academic theology.  We’ve begun putting together a library, posting interviews, profiling scholars in the field, and we’ve started our monthly podcast.  Check in bi-weekly for our blog postings […]

Patrick Madigan, SJ: ‘Jesus and Lucifer’ Presentation [LINK FIXED]

As announced here, Patrick Madigan, SJ, editor  of the Heythrop Journal of Philosophy and Religion, presented a paper entitled ‘Jesus and Lucifer: Rival Sons of the Father’ at Gainesville State College on 26 October. You may now watch a video of this presentation by following this link. [Note: click on the link to stream the […]

From the 2011 Telos Conference: Interview with Peter Candler

From the Telos Press website: In this video from the 2011 Telos Conference, held on January 15–16 in New York City, Adrian Pabst interviews Peter Candler from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Peter gave a controversial and provocative paper entitled “Outside the Church There is No Death.” The starting point of the paper is the […] | |