The Department of Theology and Religious Studies has vibrant atmosphere, where students of theology and philosophy interact with scholars of a diverse range of fields, including but not limited to biblical studies, sociology of religion, Islamic studies and critical theory. It is a fertile and friendly atmosphere for both taught and research MAs, where students often seek to organise their own activities, be it book groups or post-graduate research seminars.

Theology and Religious Studies Modules 2011/12


Part I

V81001 Great Religious Texts I Prof Philip Goodchild
V81103 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Dr Carly Crouch
V81105 Introduction to Biblical Greek 1 Mr Peter Watts
V81200 History of Christian Thought to 1600 Dr Mary Cunningham
V81202 Introduction to the Study of the New Testament Prof Richard Bell
V81217 Introduction to Islam Dr Jon Hoover

Part 2

V82100 Presentations Prof Tom O’Loughlin
V82101/V83102 The Eucharist: An Historical Approach Prof Tom O’Loughlin
V82121 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Dr Carly Crouch
V82122 Encountering God: Theology, Worship and Spirituality Dr Chris Ellis
V82172 Literature and Religion: An Introduction Dr Alison Milbank
V82182/V83182 Prophets and Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible Dr Carly Crouch
V82226 The Hindu Tradition Dr Nick Sutton
V82227/V83278 The Trinity Dr Karen Kilby
V82234/V83170 New Testament Greek Readings in the Gospel of Mark Prof Roland Deines
V82283/V83167 The Jewish Context of Jesus and Early Christianity Prof Roland Deines
V82302/V83304 Islamic Theology Dr Jon Hoover
V82305 Forgiveness Dr Stuart Jesson
V83171 Methodology and History of Jesus Research Prof Roland Deines
V83257 Problems of Religious Diversity Prof Philip Goodchild
V83276 Darwinism Dr Conor Cunningham

MA Modules

V84121/V84256 Old Testament Interpretation in History, Theology and Practice Dr Carly Crouch
V84132/V84252 Continental Philosophy of Religion Prof Philip Goodchild
V84240/V84240 Central Issues in New Testament Theology Prof Richard Bell
V84250/V84254 Methodology and History of Jesus Research Prof Roland Deines
V84266/V84267 Theology, Philosophy and Language from Plato to Hegel Dr Simon Oliver
V84332/V84333 Darwinism Dr Conor Cunningham
V84334/V84335 Doing Theology with Richard Wagner Prof Richard Bell


Part I

V81002 Great Religious Texts II Prof Philip Goodchild
V81101 Introduction to the Study of the Hebrew Bible Dr Carly Crouch
V81110 Introduction to Judaism Dr Holger Zellentin
V81120 Philosophy for Theologians Prof Agata Bielik-Robson
V81204 Biblical Hebrew Readings Dr Carly Crouch
V81206 Introduction to Biblical Greek 2 Mr Peter Watts
V81248 Christian Thought in the Modern World Dr Andrea Russell

Part 2

V82110 The Philosophy of Religion Dr Conor Cunningham
V82201/V83201 Creation Dr Simon Oliver
V82211 History of Muslim-Christian Relations Mrs Jacqueline Hoover
V82213/V83213 Religion in Nineteenth-century Britain Dr Frances Knight
V82214/V83156 The Theology of Paul Prof Richard Bell
V82231 Jewish Theology and Philosophy: From Philo to Levinas Prof Agata Bielik-Robson
V82236/V83242 Virtue Ethics and Literature Dr Alison Milbank
V82241/V83244 Love and Death Prof Philip Goodchild
V83136 Grace and Nature: From Blondel to Balthasar Dr Conor Cunningham

MA Modules

V84126/V84127 Jewish Readings of Greek Tragedy Prof Agata Bielik-Robson
V84130/V84259 20th Century Theology: Barth, Rahner and Balthasar Dr Karen Kilby
V84143/V84253 Dante, Religion and Culture Dr Alison Milbank
V84280/V84281 Justice Prof John Milbank
V84147/V84336 The Theology of Paul Prof Richard Bell

(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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