The Department of Theology and Religious Studies has vibrant atmosphere, where students of theology and philosophy interact with scholars of a diverse range of fields, including but not limited to biblical studies, sociology of religion, Islamic studies, and critical theory. It is a fertile and friendly atmosphere for both taught and research MAs, where students often seek to organise their own activities, be it book groups or post-graduate research seminars.

Below is a sample module list from the Theology and Religious Studies BA. The place to begin to explore all of these degrees is this Theology and Religious Studies course home page.

Theology and Religious Studies BA

Theology and religious studies is a remarkably varied discipline and at Nottingham you will be introduced to a range of disciplines and subjects, ranging from the study of texts and the Bible, philosophy, history, the study of different religious traditions, systematic theology, theology and literature and even psychology and the theory of evolution.

In your three years at Nottingham you will take a combination of core and optional modules, mainly from those offered by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, but also with a choice of subsidiary modules from outside the department, particularly in your first and second years.


Great Religious Texts 1
Great Religious Texts 2
History, Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to the Study of the New Testament
Christian Thought and Culture to 1600
Theology and Ethics in the Modern World
Philosophy for Theologians
Introduction to Islam
Introduction to Judaism


The Bible in Music, Art and Literature
Biblical Greek
Biblical Hebrew
Christ and Culture
Islam and Gender

Typical year two modules


Explaining Religion
Presentations: Great Religious Debates
The Bibile in Music, Art and Literature

Typical year three modules



Optional modules

Optional modules in years 2 and 3 may be taken from the wide range on offer in the department. These include modules in the areas of philosophy of religion and ethics, biblical studies, religious history, Christian theology and culture, Islam and Judaism:

Year 2 & 3

The Philosophy of Religion
Twentieth Century Theology
Money, Sex and Power: Religion and Critical Theory
The Spirit of Utopia: Critical Theory, Politics and Religion
Prophets and Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible
Sex, Violence and God: Ethics in the Hebrew Bible
The Life and Teaching of Jesus
The Gospel of Matthew
Identity, Discipleship and Community in Early Christianity
The Theology of Paul
What Does God Expect? New Testament Ethics
Intermediate Hebrew or Greek
Literature and Religion
Religion and Fantasy
Virtue Ethics and Literature
The Eucharist: An Historical Approach
Religion in Nineteenth Century Britain
Religion in Twentieth Century Britain
Rabbinic Judaism
Jewish Theology and Philosophy: From Philo to Levinas
Modern Jewish Thought
History of Christian-Muslim Relations
Islamic Theology and Philosophy
Medieval Islamic Reform: Ibn Taymiyya and His Legacy

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