Conor Cunningham: Video lecture series on Pseudo-Science and Religion

Dr Conor Cunningham from the Department of Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham gives a brief history on the relationship between (psuedo) science and religion in this 6-part YouTube series.

“I thought I knew what science was and I thought I knew what religion was. I presume you do too. But is that the case? In our western culture, we think they’re ‘clashing’. Science is enlightened, and religion is old fashioned. Is that the case? What does it mean to think that science is enlightened and religion is superstitious?”

Begin watching this series here:

Also, see this previous video of Conor Cunningham’s “Apple Talk”: A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more involved understanding of the universe and why there is ‘something rather than nothing’. Theology is about making connections, matters of ultimate concern to humans, and god-talk—theology—is part of us.



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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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