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Adam Morton

Adam Morton has written 6 posts for CENTRE of THEOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY

Finitude’s Wounded Praise: Responses to Jean-Louis Chrétien

Now available in the Veritas series from Cascade Books, Finitude’s Wounded Praise: Responses to Jean-Louis Chrétien, edited by Philip John Paul Gonzales and Joseph Micah McMeans. The late Jean-Louis Chrétien’s responsorial and polyphonic style of thinking is nothing less than a performance of gratitude, which manifests the many ways and manners that our wounded finitude is graced and […]

Dr. Alexei Bodrov Festschrift: Theology of Freedom: Religious and Anthropological Foundations of Freedom in a Global Context

Now available, a Festschrift Honouring the 60th Birthday of Dr. Alexei BodrovIrina Yazykova: Theology of Freedom. Religious and Anthropological Foundations of Freedom in a Global Context, edited by Irina Yazykova. The problem of freedom has been a central theme of Christian theology from the very beginning. The interrelation of internal (e.g. freedom from sin, Jn […]

Our Common Cosmos: Exploring the Future of Theology, Human Culture, and the Space Sciences

This volume collects an international body of voices, as a timely response to a rapidly advancing field of the natural sciences. The contributors explore how the disciplines of theology, earth and space sciences contribute to the debate on constantly expanding ethical challenges, and the prospect of humanity’s future. The discussions offered in this volume see […]

Theological Anthropology in Interreligious Perspective

What defines ‘humanity’ is a seemingly innocuous question and yet one which continues to attract controversy. Directed by this inquiry and bringing together theological insight in conversation with academic interreligious discourse, the present edited volume offers a unique contribution towards articulating the complex and myriad ways in which human life has been conceived and related […]

Analogy, Desire, and Imitation – Workshop Talks

Now presenting talks by John Betz, Grant Kaplan, Wolfgang Palaver, Joshua Furnal, Michael Kirwan, Philip Gonzales, and William Desmond, along with a roundtable discussion, from the workshop Analogy, Desire, and Imitation at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth, in April 2023. The workshop was enabled by a grant under the Widening Horizons in Philosophical Theology project, […]

The Future of Christian Theology (Maynooth Conference)

St. Patrick’s Pontifical University is proud to host an international symposium which brings to Maynooth a talented group of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant theologians to present their latest research in Systematic Theology. This event is ideal for postgraduate and doctoral students in Systematic Theology seeking new research pathways and potential supervisors at the top of […] | |