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Forthcoming Events at The Aquinas Institute, Blackfriars

Powerful Logic: Aquinas’s Unified Theory of Prime Matter as Principle of Individuation and Pure Potency. Tuesday 5th May, 5.00 p.m. at Corpus Christi College. Lecture by Dr. Paul Symington. Reverence and Reflection in Aquinas’ Corpus Christi Liturgy Thursday 28th May, 4.30 p.m. at Blackfriars. Lecture by Prof. Barbara Walters. Followed by optional buffet supper and […]

Mater Dei Summer School: Dr Joseph S. O’Leary on Plotinus & Augustine’s Trinitarian Speculation

Mater Dei Institute of Education School of Theology and Philosophy Summer School “God in the Depths of the Mind: Plotinus and Augustine’s Trinitarian Speculation” presented by Dr Joseph S. O’Leary Sophia University, Japan One of the original sources of the ‘theological turn’ in phenomenology, Dr O’Leary is a theologian of international renown who has engaged […]

III International Summer School – Beyond Secular Faith: “RELIGION AND VIOLENCE”

Call for applications III International Summer School – Beyond Secular Faith “RELIGION AND VIOLENCE” 21–28 June, 2015, Granada (Spain) Organizing Institutions Centre for the Thought of John Paul II, Warsaw Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein, Granada International Center for the Study of the Christian Orient, Granada Institute of Theology Lumen Gentium, Granada We invite graduate […]

International Workshop on the Political-Theological Dimension in World Politics

[UPDATE: see the link below to download the full workshop programme] POLITICAL THEOLOGY OF THE INTERNATIONAL: International Relations as a Theo-Political Discourse? INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE POLITICAL-THEOLOGICAL DIMENSION IN WORLD POLITICS hosted by The School of International Relations, University of St Andrews Convenors: Dr. Vassilios Paipais and Professor Nicholas Rengger Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May, 2015 […]

Workshop at the University of Nottingham: Re-reading Derrida’s Faith and Knowledge

Re-reading Derrida’s Faith and Knowledge June 1-2nd 2015 University of Nottingham A Northern Theory School and Department of Theology and Religious Studies Workshop at the University of Nottingham In his enigmatic 1994 essay ‘Faith and Knowledge: The Two Sources of “Religion” within the Limits of Reason Alone’, Jacques Derrida explores the troubled place of religion […]

Theology Network: Prof Anthony Thiselton on the Transforming Power of the Bible

The Theology Network Nottingham is hosting an event next week with a talk given by Anthony Thiselton on the subject of the transforming power of the Bible. Professor Thiselton is a world renowned expert in the field of hermeneutics and it would be a great opportunity to hear him give a lecture. If you are interested […]

CBET Workshop: The Post-mortem Treatment of the Body as an Ethical, Theological and Biblical Task

The Centre for Bible, Ethics, and Theology (CBET) will be holding the University of Nottingham’s Department of Theology & Religious Studies’ 2nd workshop day on Saturday (7th March) on “The Post-mortem Treatment of the Body as an Ethical, Theological and Biblical Task.” See the programme below, and further details can be found at: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/groups/bible-ethics-theology/research-activities/dignity-human-body.aspx Workshop 2: 7 […]

Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology conference: The Letter and the Spirit: On the Forgotten Documents of Vatican II

From October 26 – 29, 2015, The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven will convene the 10th biennial meeting of the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology (LEST X) conference, titled: The Letter and the Spirit: On the Forgotten Documents of Vatican II The conference will explore the reception of the Second […]

Lumen Christi Institute: 2015 Summer Seminars in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

The Lumen Christi Institute is pleased to announce the 2015 Summer Seminars in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Now in its seventh year, these seminars are open to Ph.D. students in the humanities, social sciences, and other relevant areas of study. Room, board, and a travel stipend will be included for those whose applications are accepted. Each […]

Call for Book Chapters: Ecofeminist Intersections

When d’Eaubonne coined the word “ecofeminism” in 1974, related ideas were already being discussed in a range of social sciences and humanities. Within anthropology Ortner (1974) argued that the universal devaluation of women relative to men could be explained by assuming that women are seen as being closer to nature than men, while men are […]

CFP: Ontology and History: A Challenging & Auspicious Dialogue for Philosophy & Theology

http://ontologyandhistory.wix.com/delphi International Conference at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi 29-31 May 2015 in Delphi, Greece Ontology and History: A Challenging and Auspicious Dialogue for Philosophy and Theology This conference will attempt to explore the relationship between ontology and history in the context of both philosophical enquiry and Christian theology. Ontology is the study of […]

Creating Common Good: A Practical Conference on Economic Equality

Trinity Institute’s 44th National Theological Conference Creating Common Good: A Practical Conference on Economic Equality Many Christians worry about being complicit in a system that perpetuates economic inequality, a system that conflicts with deeply held religious values about social justice. But there are those who believe solutions are possible and that economic inequality represents a […]

CFP: SST 64th Annual Conference – Thinking the Church Today

THINKING THE CHURCH TODAY 13 TO 15 APRIL 2015 UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM www.theologysociety.org.uk CALL FOR PAPERS AND BURSARIES I am writing to call for paper proposals and bursary applications for the Society for the Study of Theology’s sixty-fourth annual conference. This year’s theme is ‘Thinking the Church today’ and the questions we shall be addressing […]

CFP: The Ethics of Nature – The Nature of Ethics

THE ETHICS OF NATURE – THE NATURE OF ETHICS Saturday, 16th May 2015 The question of ethics has been central to philosophical and theological traditions throughout history, and as time moves forward, investigations into ethics in the context of the relationship between humanity and nature have become more complex, taking account of advancements in the […]

Keble Theology Workshop, 2 December 2014

Dear Colleagues, Below and attached, please see the poster for our next Keble Theology Workshop, scheduled for 5pm on Tuesday 2 December. I would be grateful if you could circulate and/or display this to any interested students. Our speaker on this occasion is Dr. Edward Kessler MBE, Founder and Executive Director of the Woolf Institute in Cambridge. He is one of […]

Seminar: Intellectual Humility: Its Nature, Value, and Implications

Intellectual Humility: Its Nature, Value, and Implications May 8-11, 2015. A three-day seminar at the Fuller Guest Center (Pasadena, California) for 15 advanced graduate students or junior faculty (no more than 10 years past the PhD). Faculty speakers include: Joshua Alexander Jason Baehr Nathan Ballantyne Heather Battalay Jessica Brown Adam Green Peter Hill Thomas Hofweber […]

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Conference

The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy and ACU’s School of Philosophy are pleased to announce the 2014 ASCP annual conference, which will be held on ACU’s Melbourne campus. The deadline for submissions of abstracts, thematic panel proposals, and book panel proposals to be considered for the 2014 ASCP annual conference has been extended. **The new […]

CFP: Gillian Rose: A Retrospective

Gillian Rose: A Retrospective 9th January 2015 Speakers Irene Lancaster Andrew Brower Latz John Milbank Peter Osborne Marcus Pound Andrew Shanks Rowan Williams Further speakers TBC Gillian Rose’s work spans Adorno, Hegel, sociology, philosophy, jurisprudence, post-structuralism, the Frankfurt School, Marxism, anthropology, literature, Jewish and Christian theology, death, Auschwitz, Feminism, and more. This conference brings together […]

CFP: Logos 2015: Religious Experience

Call for Papers Logos 2015: Religious Experience May 7-9, 2015 at the University of Notre Dame Religious experience is central to religious faith and practice. It often serves as evidence for belief; it contributes to the development of doctrine; and it, or the desire for it, is often a major motivator for church attendance, meditation, […]

LOGOS-COSMOS-EROS: Horizons & Limitations of Russian Religious Philosophy

IOCS SUMMER CONFERENCE 8-10 September 2014, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (with an optional day-trip on 11 September) Speakers include: Metropolitan Kallistos Ware Dr Clemena Antonova (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna) Dr Ruth Coates (University of Bristol) Revd Prof Nikolaos Loudovikos (University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki) Revd Prof Andrew Louth (University of Durham) Prof Artur Mrówczynski-Van […]

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