The Future of Christian Metaphysics

The Future of Christian Metaphysics

An international Zoom conference hosted by St Patrick’s College, Maynooth

Thursday 29th April
1:40p – 6:00pm

With Guest Speakers:

  • Philip John Paul Gonzales
  • Jennifer Newsome Martin
  • John Betz
  • Lorella Congiunti
  • Tim Pawl

With responses from:

  • Caitlin Smith Gilson
  • D.C. Schindler
  • Gaven Kerr
  • Andrew Meszaros


To register for this even, please visit this link at

Next year, in April 2022, St Patrick’s College are hosting an Internation Conference on, “The Future of Christian Thinking.” Full details of this conference can be found here.




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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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