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THE PHENOMENOLOGY BOOTH — Emmanuel Falque: Finitude, Body, and Philosophy’s Passage into Theology

Zechariah Mickel writes: The Phenomenology Booth is a virtual exhibit devoted to the philosophical field of phenomenology. The exhibit features a set of interviews with philosophers and theologians working in phenomenology, as well as a selection of Wipf and Stock’s books in phenomenology. In our final phenomenology booth interview, I sit down for an extended conversation […]

Alison Milbank’s Areopagus Lecture on Imaginative Apologetics

From the Areopagus Lectures page at Mars Hill Audio: Alison Milbank on Imaginative Apologetics “What I am calling ‘imaginative apologetics’ renews our mind. It begins when we ourselves stand apart from ourselves and receive our faith freshly, as if gifted to us for the first time, and when we use the difference of our religious […]

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: What St Augustine teaches us

Anne McEvoy and guests explore ideas of tryanny, martyrdom, sin and grace. Historian Gillian Clark and theologian John Milbank discuss the legacy of Augustine of Hippo. Find out more at

Theology Studio’s Podcast #2: “Breathing Space”

The second episode from Theology Studio is now posted on their website: In the second podcast, Tony Baker and Scott Bader-Saye talk about Public Theology:  we discuss the ABC Religion and Ethics website, interview John Milbank (who says blogging is like a recreational drug for young theologians), wonder together what makes Rowan Williams Rowan Williams, […]

Theology Studio

A new website project started by Anthony D Baker and Peter M Candler, Jr: We’ve devoted this space to the exploration of new issues and ideas in academic theology.  We’ve begun putting together a library, posting interviews, profiling scholars in the field, and we’ve started our monthly podcast.  Check in bi-weekly for our blog postings […]

Culture Shocks Interviews Conor Cunningham

Conor Cunningham has appeared on the Culture Shocks show with Barry Lynn on 28 January: According to British scholar Conor Cunningham, the debate today between religion and evolution has been hijacked by extremists: on one side stand fundamentalist believers who reject evolution outright, and opposing them are fundamentalist atheists who claim that Darwin’s theory rules out […]

Simon Oliver on BBC Radio

This morning at 7.50am (GMT) and 8am on Sunday morning, Simon Oliver will be speaking about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK for the beatification of John Henry Newman. He will be on the BBC’s Radio Nottingham.

Stanley Hauerwas Interview

In 2001 Time magazine named Stanley Hauerwas “America’s Best Theologian.” Hauerwas found the distinction humorous, but it catapulted him and his pacifist, anti-nationalistic views into the spotlight at a time when our country was poised for war. Soon he was also America’s best-known theologian. His new book, Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir (Purchase US | […]

John Milbank on BBC Radio 4

John Milbank appears on this past week’s “Moral Maze” on the BBC Radio 4 in a discussion around science, buy cialis 200mg ethics, facts and values (starts minute 27:37). Michael Buerk chairs. With Michael Portillo, Matthew Taylor, Claire Fox, Clifford Longley.

Alison Milbank in the latest Mars Hill Audio Journal

Out today in the latest issue of the Mars Hill Audio Journal (#99), Ken Myers interviews Alison Milbank, discussing her book Chesterton and Tolkien as Theologians: The Fantasy of the Real. Alison Milbank, on how the fantasy writings of G. K. Chesterton and J. R. R. Tolkien are intended to reconnect readers with reality. The […]

Audio from the ‘Spinoza and Bodies’ Conference

At the “Spinoza and Bodies” conference held September 10-11 at the University of Dundee, Dr. Michael Mack and PhD candidate Anthony Paul Smith presented papers whose audio recordings may be listened to here, amongst other presenters at the conference. Michael Mack, “Spinoza and Freud, or how to be mindful of the mind” Anthony Paul Smith, […]

Hauerwas and Hart in latest issue of Mars Hill Audio Journal

Out today in the latest issue of the Mars Hill Audio Journal (#98), Ken Myers has interviews with Stanley Hauerwas and David Bentley Hart. From the issue description: Stanley Hauerwas, on the public witness of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and on why Neuhaus abandoned his 1960s radicalism to become a leading ‘theoconservative’. David Bentley Hart, […]

Slavoj Žižek with John Milbank – the Return of Christ

On the occasion of the publication of The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? (by John Milbank & Slavoj Žižek; Creston Davis, ed.) comes a public debate between John Milbank and Slavoj Žižek, which took place on 18 June 2009, chaired by Giles Fraser, vicar of Putney.. Some photographs, as well as an entire audio […]

Podcast: The Pope and Jesus

From the University of Nottingham Podcast webpage: Dr Angus Paddison and Dr Adrian Pabst In this podcast we hear about a major conference at the University, based on a hotly debated book by Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger. Experts from around the world are gathering to debate major questions arising from the book, chiefly the […]

Roundtable on Christian Socialism

Click here to listen to a round-table discussion on Christian Socialism, a discussion including the Centre’s John Milbank, from the 25 June 2007 broadcast of Beyond Belief on BBC Radio 4: Christian Socialism The long goodbye is almost over as Tony Blair steps down as Prime Minister this week. There has been much analysis since […]

On Radical Orthodoxy

Listen to the podcast episode of Ideas from CBC Radio One On Radical Orthodoxy by clicking here: The modern world seems bent on its own destruction. A theological movement called “Radical Orthodoxy” believes it has uncovered the roots of the modern mistake. David Cayley talks to the movement’s founders and leading writers, John Milbank and […] | |