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Conference: The Future of Christian Thinking

The Future of Christian Thinking An international conference hosted by St Patrick’s College, Maynooth Today, perhaps more than ever before, Christian thought faces unprecedented challenges; ranging from a denial of metaphysics, to previously unforeseen ethico-moral questions arising from contemporary science and ever-advancing technologies, to a full-blown economizing of the political, to name just some of […]

Methexis Institute’s Inaugural Conference – Church & Academy: Deepening Our Dialogue

We here announce the arrival of our sister institution in the United States as well as the inaugural conference entitled “Church & Academy: Deepening our Dialogue”: The levitra without registration Methexis Institute, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. “Methexis means participation. Our sharing and exchanging with each other and with the natural world is rooted in our sharing in and symbolization […]

(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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