Transcendence and Phenomenology


i. H.E. Paul Cardinal Poupard Foreword
ii. Conor Cunningham and Peter M Candler, Jr. Editors’ Introduction
1. Jean-Yves Lacoste Perception, Transcendence and the Experience of God
2. Simon Critchley Originary Inauthenticity—On Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit
3. Joeri Schrijvers ‘And There Shall Be No More Boredom’
4. Philipp W. Rosemann Jean-Luc Marion’s Eucharistic Realism
5. Javier Carreño Husserlian Approaches to the Icon and the Idol
6. Jeffrey Bloechl Obscure Habit
7. Nicholas Davey Doubled Reflection
8. Nathan Kerr From Description to Doxology
9. Jean Leclercq Original Immanence according to Michel Henry: The Intuition of Religion
10. Karl Hefty The World without the Lie
11. Michel Henry Phenomenology of Life
12. Conor Cunningham Suspending the Natural Attitude
13. John Milbank Truth The Thomistic Telescope
14. Richard Kearney Sacramental Aesthetics
15. Cyril McDonnell Heidegger, Dilthey, and “the Being-Question”
16. Felix Murchadha Love of Enemies for a Lover of Wisdom, or, Can a Phenomenologist be a Philosopher?
17. Ian Leask Anamnesis as Alterity?
18. Mauro Carbone “The Words of the Oracle”
19. Timothy Mooney Pairing and Appresentation in Merleau-Ponty and Levinas
20. Michael Purcell Towards An Ethically-Inspired Fundamental or First Theology