Grandeur of Reason



A Saint for East and West:
The Thought of Maximus Confessor
in Eastern & Western Christian Theology

XVI International Conference on Patristic Studies
University of Oxford
9-11 August 2011

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy presents a new look into the theology of St. Maximus Confessor for contemporary theology. The aim of the seminar will be to elaborate on those issues in Maximus' theology and philosophy that would serve to further ecumenical discussion between Eastern and Western Christianity and contribute to the need of Maximus’ thought for contemporary theology. Each workshop of the seminar will be 2 1/2 hours long, and will cover four areas: Reception and Influence, Anthropology, Spirituality, and Philosophy and Metaphysics. The goal of the seminar will not be a joint resolution between the Eastern and Western Christian traditions, but to better understand how both traditions have, perhaps, misread each other in light of numerous ‘proof texts’. Greater clarity of theological positions will also hopefully yield more recognition that much is shared between the two traditions.

Featured Presenters Include:

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Daniel Haynes