The Grandeur of Reason: Religion, Tradition and Universalism


i. Angelo Cardinal Scola Foreword: The Fullness of Reason: Religion, Tradition and Universality
ii. Conor Cunningham and Peter M. Candler, Jr. Editors’ Introduction
1. Stanley Hauerwas A Worldly Church: Politics, Theology, and the Common Good
2. Oliver O'Donovan Deliberation, Reflection and Responsibility
3. Alessandra Gerolin The Authority of Tradition as True Universalism: Lord Acton’s Political Philosophy
4. John Milbank The Mystery of Reason
5. Joan Lockwood O’Donovan Human Dignity and Human Justice in Theological Perspective
6. Adrian Pabst Sovereign Reason Unbound: The Proto-Modern Legacy of Avicenna and Gilbert Porreta
7. Johannes Hoff The Rise and Fall of the Kantian Paradigm of Modern Theology
8. Richard H. Bell The Corrupt Mind and the Renewed Mind: Some Qualifications on the ‘Grandeur of Reason’ from Pauline, Kantian and Schopenhauerian Perspectives
9. Christopher Ben Simpson The Subjectivity of Truth and the Grandeur of Reason
10. Graham Ward Hegel and the Grandeur of Reason
11. Cyril O'Regan Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Unwelcoming of Heidegger
12. James Williams Reason and Anti-Reason in Whitehead, Henry and Deleuze
13. François Laruelle A Science of (en) Christ?
14. Stratford Caldecott Beyond Faith and Reason
15. Tracey Rowland The Wax Nose of Reason: Responses to Ratzinger’s Faith
16. Phil Gorski The Transfiguration, Orthodox Ascetics and Politics
17. Fergus Kerr ‘Zwar Instinkt aber nicht Raisonnement’: From Hume to Wittgenstein and Back?
18. Jeff Olsen Biebighauser Towards Imagining God: Augustine Reason and Ontology
19. Lydia Schumacher Knowledge by Illumination: The Grandeur of Reason According to Augustine
20. Alison Milbank ‘The Sleep of Reason’: Reason, Gothic and the Grotesque
21. Quentin Meillassoux The Immanence of the World Beyond
22. Peter M. Candler, Jr. The Logic of Christian Humanism