Belief and Metaphysics


i. Archbishop Javier Martinez Foreword
ii. Conor Cunningham and Peter M. Candler, Jr. Editors’ Introduction
1. Louis Dupré Belief and Metaphysics
2. William Desmond Metaphysics and the Confidence of Thought
3. John Betz The Beauty of the Metaphysical Imagination
4. David Burrell Metaphysics of Creation
5. Rudi te Velde Metaphysics and the Question of Creation
6. Conor Cunningham Trying My Very Best to Believe Darwin
7. Oliva Blanchette Metaphysics as Preamble to Religious Belief
8. Philipp W. Rosemann Truth, Time, Religion
9. James Williams On the Power and Fragility of Belief
10. Vittorio Hösle Can Abraham be Saved? Can Kierkegaard be Saved?
11. Eric Lee Paradoxes of Faith in Kierkegaard and de Lubac
12. Sean McGrath Heidegger’s Approach to Aquinas
13. E.J. Lowe A Defence of Anti-Conceptual Realism
14. Michael C. Rea Realism in Theology and Metaphysics
15. Patrick Riches Deification as Metaphysics: Christology Desire, Filial Prayer
16. Neill Turnbull Wittgenstein’s Leben
17. Paul Tyson Plato against Ontotheology
18. Marcus Pound Lacan, Metaphysics and Belief
19. Daniel M. Bell The Politics of Fear and the Gospel of Life
20. John Milbank Only Theology Saves Metaphysics
Appendix An Interview with John Milbank and Conor Cunnigham