Macrina Magazine: Fresh Philosophical Engagements with an Ancient Faith

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Macrina Magazine: Fresh Philosophical Engagements with an Ancient Faith

Macrina Magazine is an online Christian philosophical journal that offers readers a platform to explore faith, politics, and culture critically and creatively. We seek to offer a respite for overstimulated yet undernourished minds that are hungry for more substantial reflection than the twenty-four-hour news cycle can provide regarding our world and how we ought to live in it. By featuring diverse and engaging content we hope to enable readers to engage with intentionality, thoughtfulness, and charity – both as thinkers as well as people of faith.

“The arrival of Macrina Magazine is exciting and welcome. It offers a vital new space between unmediated mass trivialisation on the one hand and the increasingly dead hand of academia on the other, locked into excessive mediating processes and specialisations. The role of bold independent editorship is here being reinvented to the benefit of both real intellectual life and a more widely-diffused culture.” — John Milbank

“How delightful to see a new journal dedicated to genuinely fascinating topics, prosecuted with such imagination and creativity.” — David B. Hart

Macrina Magazine offers serious, creative, and accessible engagement with a wealth of texts critical to reflecting on Christian life.” — Natalie Carnes

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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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