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Love and the Postmodern Predicament:
Rediscovering the Real in Beauty, Goodness, and Truth

By D. C. Schindler

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The computer has increasingly become the principal model for the mind, which means our most basic experience of “reality” is as mediated through a screen, or stored in a cloud. As a result, we are losing a sense of the concrete and imposing presence of the real, and the fundamental claim it makes on us, a claim that Iris Murdoch once described as the essence of love. In response to this postmodern predicament, the present book aims to draw on the classical philosophical tradition in order to articulate a robust philosophical anthropology, and a new appreciation of the importance of the “transcendental properties” of being: beauty, goodness, and truth.

The book begins with a reflection on the importance of metaphysics in our contemporary setting, and then presents the human person’s relation to the world under the signs of the transcendentals: beauty is the gracious invitation into reality, goodness is the self-gift of freedom in response to this invitation, and truth is the consummation of our relation to the real in knowledge. The book culminates in an argument for why love is ultimately a matter of being, and why metaphysical reason in indispensable in faith.


“Philosopher D. C. Schindler defies the dragon of modernity, whose dominant thought patterns induce a life- and culture-threatening loss of reality and self. He offers life-giving proposals regarding love, being, and the transcendentals to restore us profoundly to the world and to ourselves as humans. Buy the book—you may divest yourself of others. Digest it, and revel in your already-involvement with a responsive reality—an involvement of intimate encounter and communion; a reality that is love, fraught with beauty, goodness, and truth.” —Esther Lightcap Meek, Geneva College

Love and the Postmodern Predicament is a treasure trove of philosophical riches. Schindler does not merely indicate the need to return to metaphysics to wrestle successfully with what he carefully and accurately describes as our postmodern predicament, but in fact leads us out of that predicament. His profound and original reflections on love, grounded in the transcendental properties of being, are a radical refashioning of traditional metaphysical principles.” —Jonathan J. Sanford, University of Dallas

“In this rewarding little text, Schindler accomplishes something too rare among works of philosophy: he accommodates a wide audience and yet deftly draws the reader into deep metaphysical waters, into a consideration of some of the most profound and perennial philosophical concerns. Throughout, the timeliness of his reflections on love, beauty, God, and the good remains in clear view. This is a highly recommended work by an author of capacious intellect and generous spirit.” —Lee M. Cole, Hillsdale College

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