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Living Freedom 2018 – APPLY NOW

We are encouraging applications for Living Freedom, the residential school for 18-25 year olds organised by the Academy of Ideas. The school takes place at the CIEE Global Institute in central London on 5 – 7 April 2018. See

Living Freedom provides a stimulating forum for around 40 young advocates of freedom to attend expert talks and participate in meaningful debates. As well as the chance to get to grips with the key thinkers and engage in a series of intellectual challenges the school provides a social forum, offering a chance to meet and socialise with peers from throughout the UK and beyond.

In particular, Living Freedom 2018 is an opportunity to explore contemporary conundrums around liberty and autonomy, using both the insights of ‘the best that is known and thought’ and the provocations of contemporary intellectuals, to get to grips with the complexities and contradictions of freedom in the twenty-first century. Freedom and tolerance are frequently asserted as fundamental values. In practice, however, aspects of freedom as they relate to different experiences or discrete groups are increasingly viewed as being in conflict. This has led many to question the virtues of an unconditional defence of tolerance or a no-holds-barred approach to the exercise of freedom. For example, if one culture or identity needs to be protected from appropriation by other groups, how does this effect universal notions or treating people equally? Or if an individual or group requires being shielded from potentially offensive remarks, then protecting the freedom of one depends on the denial of freedom to others. Such is the minefield of confusion around freedom today that what once were considered historic gains are now called into question: national sovereignty seems to conflict with rights to freedom of movement; sexual liberation with the right of women to be protected; the freedom not to be judged by gender or the colour of one’s skin with the demand for segregated safe spaces, whether on campus or public transport. Living Freedom aims to make the case for freedom today while providing plenty of opportunity for challenging discussion.

Lectures, panel debates and seminars include

What is freedom? . The classical conception of freedom . The Enlightenment and freedom: four short lectures on four classic texts . Stop Funding Hate: consumer boycott or censorship? . Freedom of conscience: religious freedom – a critical right or license to discriminate? . National sovereignty versus freedom of movement . Identity politics – finding ourselves or a threat to freedom? . Genetics, genomics and society – determinism versus free will . Generation snowflake – myth or reality? . The new gender wars . Decolonising the curriculum or racialising knowledge? . Silicon Valley: libertarian utopia or surveillance state? . Law & order vs liberty . What the papers say… . Is women’s liberation helped or hindered by #MeToo?

For a flavour of the event, please visit where you can view the 2017 programme.

The school is open to all 18-25 year olds regardless of whether students or in employment. To apply simply submit a short (300 words) statement. Deadline for applications is Monday 5 March.

Email application via

Attendees pay a nominal fee of £40 which includes provision of central London accommodation for two nights.

Should you have any queries please contact or call on 020 7269 9233.



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