Conference CFP: Polis, Ontology, Ecclesial Event: Engaging with Christos Yannaras’ Thought

International conference:
Engaging with Christos Yannaras’ Thought

A Conference on Modern Orthodox Theology

27-28 March 2017, Eastwood Room
(Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs,
University of Cambridge,
16 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX)

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We welcome paper proposals (20mins) on Christos Yannaras’ thought, work and relevance to areas of philosophy, theology, political science and related disciplines. All papers must be presented in English. Please send us the title and a short abstract of your presentation (200-400 words) in English, along with a short CV, until Wednesday 22 February 2017 via e-mail to You will be informed concerning the acceptance of your paper on Sunday 26 February 2017, and you will be asked to submit the registration fee (£30, covering registration, the conference banquet on Monday 27 March, as well as coffee & refreshments) via bank transfer/paypal/Transferwise. Participants must make their own arrangements concerning travel and accommodation in Cambridge.

About the conference:

Professor Christos Yannaras (born 1935 in Athens, Greece) has been proclaimed “one of the most significant Christian philosophers in Europe” (Rowan Williams), “without doubt the most important living Greek Orthodox theologian” (Andrew Louth), “contemporary Greece’s greatest thinker” (Olivier Clément). However, until recently the English-speaking scholar did not have first-hand access to the main bulk of his work: in spite of the relatively early English translation of his The Freedom of Morality (1984), most of his books appeared in English fairly recently—such as Person and Eros (2007), Orthodoxy and the West (2006), Relational Ontology (2011) or The Schism in Philosophy (2015). In this conference, the papers that will be presented shall examine numerous aspects of Yannaras’ contributions to Orthodox theology, philosophy and political science, based on his relational ontology of the person (later popularised in the Anglophone sphere by John Zizioulas). Topics that shall be covered include apophaticism and Yannaras’ appropriation thereof, the patristic grounding of the theology of the person, the possibility of an Orthodox political theology and contemporary problems in Orthodox theology, the formation and content of a critical and relational ontology, communo-centricism, and many others.

Organising Committee:
Revd Dr Andreas Andreopoulos, Mr Pui Him Ip, Revd Dr Isidoros Katsos, Dr Sotiris Mitralexis, Dr Dionysios Skliris

For all enquiries please contact Dr Sotiris Mitralexis:



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