CFP: 5th International Summer School and Conference – Beyond Secular Faith – ”Politics as Theology”

Call for Applications and Call for Papers

5th  International Summer School and Conference – Beyond Secular Faith
“Politics as Theology”
25th June–1st July,  2017, Granada (Spain)

Organizing Institutions

Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein, Granada
Faculty of Philosophy – The Pontifical University of John Paul II , Krakow
International Center for the Study of the Christian Orient, Granada

We invite graduate and PhD students as well as postdoctoral researchers to take part in the International Summer School and Conference.

International Summer School and Conference

The title of our fifth annual Summer School and International Conference, Beyond Secular Faith, stems from our conviction that only a faith liberated from the conceptual restraints and ideological presuppositions imposed by secular culture – a faith centered radically on Christ – can offer a word of hope and reason to human life. This year our summer school will be dedicated to explore the question of the political, and specifically the ways in which every theology is political and every politics, theological. The question thus becomes, for Christian life, what is the adequate theological form of political narratives? Or better, what form of political practice and belonging does theology entail.

For four years our summer school has facilitated a rich and friendly theological, philosophical and cultural dialogue in freedom, in the unique setting of Granada, a breathtakingly beautiful city that lies at the historic crossroads of modernity and the Christian tradition.


Deadline: 1st May 2017

We invite graduate students and young postdoctoral researchers to take part in the Summer School and International Conference.

Please send a short CV and a letter of intent to:

If you would like to present a paper, please also send an abstract (400 words) on a topic related to the theme, preferably on:

  • The Political Theory of Liberalism
  • Economic and Civil Economy
  • Constitutional Theory — the Crisis of Democracy and the Issue of Mixed Government
  • Liberal Culture and Formative Education
  • International Relations in Theory and Today in Practice
  • State and Church — the Question of the Body Politic
  • The Relation of Temporal and Eternal Justice
  • Biopolitics and Sovereignty
  • Democracy and Christianity

Successful candidates will be informed by 8th May 2017.


  • Alison Milbank: “Theopolitical Vision of Chesterton and Tolkien and its Contemporary Relevance”
  • Robert Wozniak: “Self, Politics and Theology: Beyond Ego-Centric Reason”
  • Rocco Buttiglione /Michal Łuczewski: “Conversion and Coercion. The Political Theology of John Paul II”
  • Aaron Riches / David Widdicombe:  “Politics and the Epistle to the Romans”

Master Seminars hosted by John Milbank:

  • Rocío Daga: “Religion in Islam: A Historical Perspective”
  • Zbigniew Stawrowski: “What is Political Theology?”

Keynote lectures:

  • Jarosław Jagiełło:  “Christianity and Democracy. The Relation between Truth and Freedom”
  • John Milbank: ”Religion, Power and Order”

Seminars will meet Monday through Thursday, for a total of 4 hours of class time a day. The initial paper proposals will be enriched and revised by the students through participation in their classes, and will then be presented in a conference format on Friday and Saturday.

Accommodation in a lovely Hotel located in the heart of Granada, near the Albaycin, the old Moorish quarter of the city.

Course, material, room and full board for only 350€ per person if payment is made before the 15th May 2017.

Academic Board:
Mátyás Szalay (Director), Marcelo López Cambronero, Artur Mrówczynski – Van Allen, Aaron Riches

Academic Advisory Board:
Carmina Chapp, Rocío Daga, Ildefonso Fernández-Figares, Jarosław Jagiełło, Michał Łuczewski, Allison Milbank, John Milbank, Timothy Mosteller, Teresa Obolevitch, Kirsten Pinto-Gfroerer, Enrique Rico Pavés, Zbigniew Stawrowski.

Eva Martínez García

More details available:

Download the full programme.



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