CoTP Workshop – Metaphysics: First Philosophy after the Analytic-Continental Divide

Metaphysics-Analytic-Continental-DivideCoTP Workshop – Metaphysics: First Philosophy after the Analytic-Continental Divide

Location: Lenton Grove, University Park
Date(s): Saturday 7th May 2016
Contact: Please contact King-Ho Leung with any queries.

For a while in the history of both the analytic and continental traditions, ‘metaphysics’ was regarded as an outdated or even forbidden philosophical discipline. In recent decades, both traditions have seen a revival in the study of metaphysics and, more specifically, a return of ‘realist’ and even speculative metaphysical theorisation.

Bringing together metaphysicians from various philosophical and theological traditions, this symposium aims to consider topics including:

  • What is ‘metaphysics’? Is it still regarded as ‘first philosophy’?
  • What is metaphysical ‘realism’? How might it differ from an epistemic realism? Is metaphysics something more than ‘applied’ epistemology or logic?
  • What is the relationship between metaphysics and physics? Can we have ‘metaphysics’ without notions of final and formal causation?
  • The issues of ‘causation’ and ‘God’: What are the respective implications of ‘God’ conceived as ‘the uncaused cause’ or ‘self-cause’?
  • Does (or should) a metaphysical realism imply ‘practical’ implications on ethics and politics? If so, does realism entail a return to teleological thinking?
  • What is the relation between the analytic-continental divide and the proclamations of ‘the end of metaphysics’ in the early 20th century? Can the revival in metaphysics contribute to the unification of future philosophy?

The workshop is free of charge and open to all – lunch and some refreshments will be provided. Registration is necessary to confirm numbers.

Confirmed panels include:

What is ‘Metaphysics’?
• Agata Bielik-Robson
• Mark Jago

The ‘Overcoming’ of Metaphysics
• Frederique Janssen-Lauret
• Ian Bacher

The Future of Metaphysics
• John Milbank
• Stephen Mumford

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Workshop kindly sponsored by the Mind Association.



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