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Theology in the Pub – Grill a Theologian: Conor Cunningham

Tuesday 23 February – 8pm
Grill a theologian – Your chance to ask a Theologian about absolutely anything!

Dr Conor Cunningham is an Associate Professor of Theology and Philiosophy at the University of Nottingham, and the Co-Director of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy.

He’s the Author of Genealogy of Nihilism: Philosophies of Nothing and the Difference of Theology and Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and Creationists Both Get It Wrong, winner of a Catholic Press Award.  He wrote and presented the BBC 2 documentary “Did Darwin Kill God?”, which originally aired in 2009, and he is currently writing a book on the Soul.

In 2012-2013 he was a Fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, where he worked in a team of 12, composed of mainly atheist scientists, a philosopher and three theologians on the question of ‘Evolution and Human Nature’. Whilst in Princeton, he was ‘theologian in residence’ in 2013 at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Past research includes:

He’s agreed to come along and answer any (theological) question thrown at him!

The Pub

We usually meet in the Hand and Heart pub [1] in Nottingham; there’s an upper room (appropriately enough) which we use. Equip yourself with the drink of your choice from the bar, and then find your way upstairs.

For more information, including a map to the event in Nottingham, click here [2].

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