Theology in the Pub – Grill a Theologian: Conor Cunningham

Tuesday 23 February – 8pm
Grill a theologian – Your chance to ask a Theologian about absolutely anything!

Dr Conor Cunningham is an Associate Professor of Theology and Philiosophy at the University of Nottingham, and the Co-Director of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy.

He’s the Author of Genealogy of Nihilism: Philosophies of Nothing and the Difference of Theology and Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and Creationists Both Get It Wrong, winner of a Catholic Press Award.  He wrote and presented the BBC 2 documentary “Did Darwin Kill God?”, which originally aired in 2009, and he is currently writing a book on the Soul.

In 2012-2013 he was a Fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, where he worked in a team of 12, composed of mainly atheist scientists, a philosopher and three theologians on the question of ‘Evolution and Human Nature’. Whilst in Princeton, he was ‘theologian in residence’ in 2013 at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Past research includes:

  • Nihilism and Theology
  • Theology and Science, especially evolution
  • The work of Thomas Aquinas regarding metaphysics and Trinitarian theology
  • Examining the question whether philosophical, ontological naturalism is really possible – (he concluded that it is not!)

He’s agreed to come along and answer any (theological) question thrown at him!

The Pub

We usually meet in the Hand and Heart pub in Nottingham; there’s an upper room (appropriately enough) which we use. Equip yourself with the drink of your choice from the bar, and then find your way upstairs.

For more information, including a map to the event in Nottingham, click here.



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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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