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From Angela Knobel:

The “Beacon Project” is an interdisciplinary project funded by a 3.9 million dollar grant from the Templeton World Charity foundation.  Our project hypothesizes that that a full understanding of morality and virtue can be achieved only viagra sales drug by examining the morally excellent.  As part of our project, we are offering a number of research grants to generic levitra and colius psychologists, philosophers and theologians.

Executive Summary

We believe that a full understanding of morality and virtue can be achieved only by examining the morally excellent, for example, those who risked their lives saving others during the Holocaust (Monroe, 2006), or members of the Amish community who demonstrated forgiveness following the slaughter of 10 Amish schoolgirls in 2006 (Dreher, 2006). Just as much attention has been paid to how geniuses and high-performing businesses function and thrive, the morally exceptional represent a form of “genius” that deserves such attention.


  • Researchers and I feel healthier taking this and there are no side effects: best price for propecia. Any trustworthy pharmacy will insist on a prescription from a health care provider who has seen you in person. scholars in three disciplines.

  • The Wake Forest interdisciplinary and student communities.

  • Individuals wishing to cultivate their own morality.

  • Parents and educators wishing to cultivate children’s morality.

We believe:

This project is the seed needed to realize a best price for generic cialis long-term, broadly rooted dedication to the study of the morally exceptional.

For more information, including details on the project team, forthcoming events and conferences, as well as various Request for Proposals in the areas of Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology, please see The Beacon Project Website.



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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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