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BBC Active access to Did Darwin Kill God?, by Conor Cunningham

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Can Darwin and religion exist side by side?  Did Darwin Kill God? is a thought-provoking programme where Anglican Christian, philosopher and theologian Conor Cunningham explains why these two beliefs are not in conflict.

Richard Dawkins, famous for his book The God Delusion, believes there is an irreconcilable clash between the theory of evolution and a belief in God. But Conor thinks Dawkins is mistaken. He uncovers traditional Christian thinking about the creation of life, reveals how Christians were never expected to read the creation account in Genesis literally and discovers that Creationism is a modern invention.

Communicating his passion for the subject with rich visual metaphors in Did Darwin Kill God? and making complex ideas accessible, Conor shows how Darwin’s vision of the universe enhances our appreciation of a natural world that is full of wonder and stunning intelligibility – a vision of existence which neither leads to nor precludes either atheism or faith.

Another BBC TV programme for schools and education of both science, philosophy and religion

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