Now available: The Suspended Middle, 2nd Edition, by John Milbank

The Suspended Middle: Henri de Lubac and the Renewed Split in Modern Catholic Theology, 2nd Edition, by John Milbank (Eerdmans; Published: 12/29/2014; 134+pp).

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Book description:

French Jesuit Henri de Lubac (1896-1991) was arguably the most revolutionary yet under-acknowledged theologian of the twentieth century. He proposed that Western theology since the early modern period had lost sight of the key to integrating faith and reason — namely, the truth that all human beings are naturally oriented toward the supernatural.

Originally published in 2005, The Suspended Middle by John Milbank defends and amplifies de Lubac’s provocative thesis and rebuts its many critics. In this second edition Milbank has expanded and clarified his argument throughout to take greater account of new critiques of de Lubac. The future of the Christian faith is at stake, says Milbank, as he urges his readers to recover and reinvigorate de Lubac’s biblical-theological-philosophical vision.

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