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Available now: RO:TPP Journal Vol. 2, no. 2

[1]The latest issue of the Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics [2] journal, Volume 2, Number 2 is now available for reading on the open-access website [1].

Table of contents:

Awakening to Life: Augustine’s Admonition to (would-be) Philosophers
Ian Clausen

‘Become Transfigured Forever’:?Political Transcendence in Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta
Mika Tapio Luoma-aho

Immortality or Eternal Life? The Religious Significance of Atheist Living
Joseph M Spencer

The Recovery of Contestation and the Apophatic Body of Christ: Engaging Graham Ward’s The Politics of Discipleship
Kyle Gingerich Hiebert

A Review of Steven Jungkeit’s Spaces of Modern Theology, Geography and Power in Schleiermacher’s World
Ruth Elizabeth Jackson

Fiction and Poetry
Stations: A Poem
Simone Kotva

Read the full issue here [1].

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