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Forthcoming: Beyond Secular Order, by John Milbank

To be released soon in the Illuminations: Theory & Religion series:

Beyond Secular Order: The Representation of Being and the Representation of the People, by John Milbank (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014, 304pp).

Beyond Secular Order is the first of a two-volume work that expands upon renowned theologian John Milbank’s innovative attempt to understand both theology and modern thought begun in his previously published classic text Theology and Social Theory.

Continuing upon Milbank’s work begun in Theology and Social Theory, this work reveals how there is a fundamental homology between modern ideas about ontology and knowledge and modern ideas about political action, expressed in both theory and practice.


“Exploratory, daring, irritating and illuminating by turns, John Milbank cannot be compared with anything else in the intellectual life of our times … It will become the cardinal text for interpreting him and arguing with him.” — Oliver O’Donovan, University of Edinburgh

“New and exciting avenues of exploration open again and again in this richly suggestive work.” — Charles Taylor, McGill University

“In a careful and thorough canvassing of both ontological and political consequences, John Milbank displays the peculiar density which participation bestows on reality, by contrast with the binary oppositions latent in many current alternatives. By tracing everything to a free creator, Milbank confirms George Steiner’s prescient thesis in Real Presences, as well as offers extensive confirmation of his own probing inquiries since Thelogy and Social Theory. Daunting in its scope yet utterly focused in what it delivers.” — David Burrell, University of Notre Dame


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