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UK Distrubution for Johannes Hoff’s The Analogical Turn

Johannes Hoff’s The Analogical Turn: Rethinking Modernity with Nicholas of Cusa is available for pre-order in the UK through Alban Books. To purchase, click here. To download the Alban Books flyer, click here [PDF].


In the face of the late modern crisis of Western science and culture, The Analogical Turn recovers Nicholas of Cusa’s alternative vision of modernity and, in doing so, develops a fresh perspective on the challenges of our time. In contrast to Cusa’s mainstream contemporaries, his appreciation of individuality, creativity, and scientific precision was deeply rooted in the analogical rationality of the Middle Ages. He revived and transformed the tradition of scientific realism in a manner that now, retrospectively, offers new insights into the “completely ordinary chaos” of postmodern everyday life. Johannes Hoff offers a new vision of the history of modernity and the related secularisation narrative, a deconstruction of the basic assumptions of postmodernism, and an unfolding of a liturgically grounded concept of common-sense realism in this original book.

Johannes Hoff, Author

Johannes Hoff is Professor of Systematic Theology at Heythrop College in the University of London.

To purchase, click here.



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