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Notable: A Phenomenology of Christian Life, by Felix Ó Murchadha

Now available from Indiana University Press:

A Phenomenology of Christian Life

Glory and Night

Felix Ó Murchadha

“Ó Murchadha makes abundant and timely references to the philosophical tradition from Plato through Heidegger, but also, perhaps more so, to the post-Heideggerian developments sometimes considered together and at once as “the theological turn” in phenomenology. He is equally at home in the Christian theological traditions from Paul to Barth and von Balthasar.” —Jeffrey Bloechl, Boston College

How does Christian philosophy address phenomena in the world? Felix Ó Murchadha believes that seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing the world through faith requires transcendence or thinking through glory and night (being and meaning). By challenging much of Western metaphysics, Ó Murchadha shows how phenomenology opens new ideas about being, and how philosophers of “the theological turn” have addressed questions of creation, incarnation, resurrection, time, love, and faith. He explores the possibility of a phenomenology of Christian life and argues against any simple separation of philosophy and theology or reason and faith.

Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion, 272 pp.

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