Summer school “Science & the Big Questions” VU University Amsterdam

Kuyper-SummerSeminarSUMMER SEMINAR AUGUST 19-23, 2013

Does contemporary neuroscience support or challenge the reality of free will? Does quantum physics make it easier to believe in God?

The Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and Religion at VU University Amsterdam hosts a summer seminar on science and the big questions. Well known experts
will give lectures and debate each other in the following areas:

  • cognitive science of religion
  • free will and brain research
  • evolution, morality and Christian belief
  • cosmology, fine tuning, and God


The Seminar is intended for two groups: (1) (PhD-)students/post-docs within the field of natural sciences who have an
interest in positively and intelligently relating some of the topics they cover in their fields of study to philosophical questions and (2) (PhD-)students/post-docs in the fields of philosophy and theology who have an interest in speaking knowledgeably about the intersection between science and religion. The goal of the seminar is to create a learning environment for (PhD-)students/post-docs in which they interact with highly qualified scholars on science/religion issues so as to move beyond the easy warfare rhetoric.


Speakers include: Patricia Churchland (University of California), Jesse Bering, Rodney Holder (Cambridge University), David Lahti (New York), Herman Philipse (Utrecht University), Gijsbert van den Brink (VU University), Leon de Bruin (VU University/Radboud University), René van Woudenberg (VU University), Michiel van Elk (University of Amsterdam), and Tim O’Connor (Indiana University).

The fee for the seminar is 100 euros for (PhD-)students and 200 euros for others. This fee includes lunches and dinners
and some surprise social activities in the beautiful old city of Amsterdam.

Download the flyer here. [PDF]




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