Free Conference on Islam and Higher Education


Registration now open – Academic Conference

Collaborative partnerships between universities and Muslim institutions: dismantling the roadblocks

Funded by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

23rd May 2013, Senate House, London

(in collaboration with Human Rights Consortium, University of London )

27th June 2013, Birmingham University, Birmingham

(in collaboration with Centre for Islamic and Middle East studies, University of Birmingham)

Registration is now open for two conferences that are being organised as part of an ESRC funded follow-on project exploring Collaborative Partnerships between universities and Muslim institutions. This project builds on previous research around Muslim faith leadership, Islamic Studies in pluralist British contexts, women’s education and learning Arabic. Our research findings indicate that it is possible to address these issues at higher education level, focusing particularly on ways to forge a more cohesive society for Muslims and other Britons. This work will bring together Islamic Studies academics, scholars and practitioners (including professionals who may have aspects of Islamic studies in their work) to facilitate increased collaborative partnerships and linkages between UK universities and Muslim institutions, and is aimed both at academia and Muslim communities. Papers presented will explore various aspects of Islamic education at the HE (Higher Education) and FE (Further Education) levels, both in validated and non-validated sectors in Britain and beyond, across the following themes:

  1. Islamic Education for cohesion, pluralism and inter-faith dialogue
  2. Collaborative educational models in the UK and beyond
  3. Barriers to collaborative partnerships and possible solutions
  4. International and local best practice
  5. Approaches to theological training in other faiths
  6. Teaching and learning Arabic


Information about programme and speakers to follow shortly!


To register for your place please visit – Please are limited so please register as soon as possible.

For further details please visit our website – or contact the Project Administrator Michelle Wood by email on or by phone on 01332 592896.



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