Interviews with Milbank, Oliver, Cunningham, and Riches in the latest issue of the Edification journal

Two interviews of note are available in the latest issue of Edification: The Transdisciplinary Journal of Christian Psychology Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2012. The following interviews with John Milbank, Simon Oliver, Conor Cunningham, and Aaron Riches were conducted by Peter Hampson, with Zoë Lehmann Imfeld providing assistance with question planning, transcription, and editing of the interviews.

‘Interview and Conversation with John Milbank and Simon Oliver: Radical Orthodoxy and Christian psychology I – Theological Underpinnings’,
by John Milbank, Simon Oliver, Zoë Lehmann Imfeld, and Peter Hampson

‘Interview and Conversation with Conor Cunningham and Aaron Riches: Radical Orthodoxy and Christian psychology II – Ontological Naturalism and Christology’,
by Conor Cunningham, Aaron Riches, Zoë Lehmann Imfeld, and Peter Hampson

The full text of the latest issue of Edification may be viewed here [PDF link].



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