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Is modern life a blessing or a curse?

The advance of technology has made our life easier, yet more complicated.  Patients visit us at Eversharp every day complaining of sore joints and back pain. What most have in common? They usually work harder and longer hours to afford all modern gadgets and facilities.  Cell phones have become an extension of our body!   No-one leaves the house or goes about doing the chores without having the cell phone within reach.  Read more about Exipure scam.

Do we have better quality life now than before?

The rise of urbanization with all it entails, pollution, smog, noise, has contributed to our new lifestyle habits. In an effort to avoid all the hassle and buzzle, people opt to working from home.  Thus, spending quality time glued to a screen, being that of their laptop, TV, tablet or smartphone. Besides affecting them psychologically, it also causes serious physical problems, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.  However, our experienced physical therapists can help you overcome such physical issues by providing the right treatment for your condition. Learn more about natural preventive treatments for obesity such as Biofit probiotics.

Tips to stay physically fit and enjoy modern life style:

  1. Use time spent at home in a more productive way

Over the past few months, we all had the unprecedented experience of quarantine to protect against covid-19.  So, we all know first-hand what sedentary lifestyles means. Working from home is easier and more convenient.  Some used this time wisely to learn new skills, enrolled in e-learning courses to enhance their career opportunities for the difficult days ahead.

But all was done in front of a screen with the press of a button, resulting to bad posture and back strain.  No wonder, during that time more people felt the need to go outdoors for a walk, stroll in the park.  Our physical therapist, after considering all factors, will design a personalized program to accommodate for your individual needs, even at the comfort of your home.

  1. Look for that old recipe book!

Living a modern lifestyle, there is no time for a proper and nutritious diet.  We resort to frozen, take-away meals, and “junk” snacks. Although convenient and tasty, yet unhealthy, full of preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.  This is why obesity is on the rise, leading to diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.  To overcome such health issues our experienced Eversharp therapists can give you an appropriate diet to suit your needs, help you lose weight, while remaining physically fit and  healthy. These are the latest Exipure reviews.

  1. Let’s get moving!  

The human body was meant to move.  People complain about sore and aching joints most of which is caused by lack of physical movement. We at Eversharp can help relieve your pain and have you up and about sooner than you imagine.  Modern technology has taken over tasks and activities previously performed manually or physically.



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