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Radical Orthodoxy: Annual Review

The Radical Orthodoxy: Annual Review (ed. Neil Turnbull) is now available for purchase from Cascade Books /Wipf & Stock. [Purchase US [1] | Purchase UK [2] | Purchase from Cascade Books [3]]

Review description:

The Radical Orthodoxy Annual Review examines emerging agendas in contemporary theology and philosophy. Today, in an era of biotechnology and a growing ecological consciousness, it is rapidly becoming clear that the key question for our times is how to make sense of the nature and significance of life. In this, the inaugural edition of the Review, some of today’s most influential and important thinkers address this issue through wide-ranging discussion of the way in which life is currently being redefined in the work of orthodox theologians and philosophers. In so doing, they show the extent to which contemporary theology and philosophy are helping us make better sense of the natural world, the human body, contemporary techno-science, as well as the possibility of a living transcendence—allowing us to see why theology and philosophy remain absolutely crucial to any attempt to understand the current state of the modern world and its likely future development.


“The present essays undertake a conversation the importance of which is impossible to exaggerate… They direct us beyond liberal modernity form of the ‘self-possessive’ and its ‘homelessness’ to a created world centered in liturgy and community.” – David L. Schindler, Professor of Fundamental Theology, John Paul II Institute, The Catholic University of America

The volume contains contributions from William Desmond, Graham Ward, Louis Dupré, John Milbank, David C. Schindler, Conor Cunningham, Neil Turnbull, Agata Bielik-Robson, and Evandro Botto. The Table of Contents is viewable on the Amazon website [1].

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