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Colloquium: Regarding the Other in Modern Jewish Thought

The Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations (Woolf Institute, Cambridge) is delighted to announce that it is hosting a colloquium, Regarding the Other in Modern Jewish Thought. The colloquium will be held on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 and take place at Lucy Cavendish College (Cambridge).

The speakers at the colloquium will be:

Aaron Rosen (KCL and CJCR Visiting Fellow), Emmanuel Levinas and the hospitality of images

Agata Bielik-Robson (University of Nottingham), The concept of the neighbour in Rosenzweig’s ‘Star of Redemption’

Melissa Raphael (University of Gloucestershire), The Other as an incarnation of the divine: modern Jewish theology and counter-idolatrous images of the human

Full details of the colloquium, together with the registration form, can be found at http://www.woolf.cam.ac.uk/events/details?year=2012&month=6&day=27#ID449 [1].

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