Dept of Theology & Religious Studies Spring Seminar Programme

Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Seminar Programme 2011-12


22 February 2012
Adam Lipszyc (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Science)
The Time of the Poem: Poetry as Messianic Action in Paul Celan’s Meridian Speech
4pm Staff Club Room B7

14 & 15 February 2012         Firth Lectures
Terry Eagleton
Culture and the Death of God
5.30pm, Kings Meadow Studio

 29 February 2012
Philip Esler (Principal, St Mary’s University College, London)
Reading Old Testament Narrative With Its Ancient Audience: An Anthropological Approach
4pm Staff Club room B7

14 March 2012
Yvonne Sherwood (Professor of Bible, Religion and Culture, University of Glasgow)
4pm Staff Club room B7

21 March 2012
David Thomas (Professor of Christianity and Islam, University of Birmingham)
The Islamic Construction of Christianity: A Channel and Obstacle to Understanding
4pm Staff Club room B7

28 March 2012
Daniel H.Weiss (Polosky-Coexist Lecturer in Jewish Studies, University of Cambridge)
‘Where man calls, God opens an ear’: Franz Rosenzweig, divine attributes, and the anti-theoretical style of the Hebrew Bible
4pm Staff Club Room B7

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