Blackfriars Aquinas Seminar 2012 Schedule

The Blackfriars Aquinas Seminar

Hilary 2012

Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Culture 

[Cancelled] Fri 27 Jan        Jean-Luc Marion (Universities of Paris and Chicago) “The Ontological Argument Again: Thomas Aquinas and Kant, Anselm and Descartes”

 Thurs 2 Feb     David Albert Jones (Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford) “Aquinas as an Advocate of Abortion?  The Appeal to Thomas Aquinas in Contemporary Bioethical Debates on the Human Embryo”

 Thurs 9 Feb     Héctor Velázquez (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico)  “Teleology and Nature: The Relevance of Aquinas’ Position in a Self-Organised World”

 Thurs 16 Feb   Thomas Joseph order valtrex generic White, OP (Dominican House of Studies, Washington,D.C.)  “Monotheistic Rationality and Divine Names: Why Aquinas’ Analogy Theory Transcends both Theoretical Agnosticism and Conceptual Anthropomorphism”

 Thurs 23 Feb   Conor Cunningham (University of Nottingham) “Modernity: The End of Culture and Nature in Light of Evolution”

 Fri 2 March    Rudi te Velde (Tilburg School of Theology, The Netherlands) “Does Praying Make Sense in Light of the Certainty of God’sProvidence?”

Fridays, Weeks 2 and 7, Thursdays, Weeks 3-6

4.30pm – 6.00pm

Aula of Blackfriars, St. Giles

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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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