German Philosophy Seminar: Laurence Hemming on Hegel, Marx, & Heidegger

The German Philosophy Seminar at the IGRS
will host a guest lecture by Laurence Hemming

Monday, 31 October


Beside myself with Indignation: Hegel, Marx and Heidegger on Alienation’

Marx’s understanding of alienation has increasingly become a key not only for understanding his own work, but also for certain self-presentations of the work of the social sciences overall. Although there have been a number of important investigations of Marx’s use of the terms ‘Entfremdung’ and ‘Entäußerung’, acknowledging Marx’s indebtedness to Hegel, I argue that insufficient attention has been paid to how exactly Marx took over Hegel’s central metaphysical thought. This lecture re-examines Hegel’s influence on Marx, by asking again what Marx and Hegel meant by alienation, and asking how Marx concretised and revolutionised Hegel’s term as a central understanding of the meaning of transcendence, by returning to other interpreters of Hegel, notably Heidegger, to shed new light on Marx’s use of Hegel’s terms.

Venue: Russell Square, Stewart House, University of London, room STB 5.

All are welcome to attend.

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