First International Conference on the Concept of Time in Science, Philosophy and Theology



to be held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

February 28 – March 4, 2012


(1) Opening and First-day activities will take place at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

(2) All other scientific activities will be held in the IT Building (male and female sides) at the United Arab Emirates University.


Arabic and English are the official conference languages.

Translations from and to both languages will be provided.

Theme and Objectives:

Time is a fundamental concept that eludes rigorous definition and description and proves elusive when studied by scientists. The more we understand the realities of time, the more it becomes obscure and unrealizable. Modern theories in physics and cosmology dramatically alter our views of time, but instead of clarifying the classical views of time, modern theories add complexity to the notion of time through the questions and paradoxes arising from the introduction of concepts such as time travel, negative time and curved time.

For philosophers, newer conceptions of time are challenging classical notions of metaphysics (such as identity of objects over time and action theory), epistemology (time-dependent truths and necessity) as well as ethics (moral responsibility, motivation and consequentialist theories).

For modern researchers in theology, many of the traditional dogmas have been revisited and their conventional interpretations have been altered.

The main objective of our conference is to review the development of the concept and problem of time and time measurement in science, philosophy and theology. The Conference will also explore the meaning of time in other human activities, such as psychology, linguistics, business and information technology. Supplementing the main talks, we will have critical roundtable discussions of a variety of views. Key thinkers will be invited to present their state of the art knowledge and pioneering approaches to time. All full papers presented at the conference will be peer reviewed and published in a leading peer-reviewed press or journal.

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