John Milbank’s Stanton Lectures 2011

This year Professor John Milbank is delivering the Stanton Lectures at Cambridge, titled ‘Philosophy: A Theological Critique’. All eight lectures are now linked to below, which can also be found on the Working Papers page.

  • Lecture 1 (19 Jan): The Return of Metaphysics in the 21st Century [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 2 (26 Jan): Immanence and Life [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 3 (02 Feb): Immanence and Number [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 4 (09 Feb): Transcendence without Participation [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 5 (16 Feb): Participated Transcendence Reconceived [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 6 (23 Feb): The Habit of Reason [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 7 (02 Mar): The Objectivity of Feeling [PDF version PDF Document]
  • Lecture 8 (09 Mar): The Surprise of the Imagined [PDF version PDF Document]

For the official Stanton Lectures 2011 page please see this page.



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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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