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Darwin’s Pious Idea now in stock

Just heard from Eerdmans: Conor Cunningham’s Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and Creationists Both Get It Wrong (Interventions) is now in stock!

Click here to order from Eerdmans (Amazon links: UK | US).

Also available:

  • See the blurbs from Justin L. Barrett, John Hedley Brooke, David Depew, William Desmond, Louis Dupré, David Fergusson, David Bentley Hart, Stanley Hauerwas, John F. Haught, David N. Livingstone, E. J. Lowe, Michel Morange, Michael S. Northcott, Dan Robinson, Holmes Rolston III, Robert Sokolowki, Ken Surin, Ian Tattersall, Charles Taylor, Slavoj Žižek, Archbishop Joseph Źyciński, and Tracey Rowland
  • Read the introduction to the book [PDF]
  • See Conor Cunningham’s Author Page on Facebook with links to audio, video, and other resources related to Darwin’s Pious Idea


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