New book from Milbank, Žižek, and Davis: Paul’s New Moment

Now out in the States from Brazos Press comes Paul’s New Moment: Continental Philosophy and the Future of Christian Theology, by John Milbank, Slavoj Žižek, and Creston Davis (pre-order in the UK).

Are there moments in Christian history when non-Christians in some ways understand Christianity better than Christians? The church fathers and mothers often did especially acute theology because they could remember well what it meant to inhabit non-Christian philosophies and religions. The Hindu Gandhi saw and acted on something in Christ’s witness that many confessing Christians overlooked. Today some leading secular thinkers have turned to a surprising source: the apostle Paul. The rediscovery of Paul by atheistic or agnostic European philosophers is one of the most striking recent developments in philosophy–and certainly one of keen interest to the church.

Bringing together Radical Orthodox theologian John Milbank, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, and Creston Davis, who has been a student of both, this book reflects on Paul’s new moment in secular philosophy. In a debate format, Žižek brings Marxist and post-Marxist ideas into a discussion with Milbank about the influence of Paul. The book also includes a contribution from Catherine Pickstock [from the publisher’s description].

Part 1: On Paul
1. Paul against Biopolitics, John Milbank
2. Paul and the Truth Event, Slavoj Žižek
3. Paul and Subtraction, Creston Davis
Part 2: On the Liturgy
4. Liturgy and the Senses, Catherine Pickstock
5. Subtractive Liturgy, Creston Davis
6. A Meditation on Michelangelo’s Christ on the Cross, Slavoj Žižek
Part 3: On Mediation and Apocalypse
7. Thinking Backward: Predestination and Apocalypse, Slavoj Žižek
8. The Return of Mediation, John Milbank

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