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The Gift of Difference:
Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation
Chris K. Huebner and Tripp York, Editors
Foreword by John Milbank

The Gift of Difference: Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation is a collection of essays in which leading theologians consider the strengths and weaknesses of Radical Orthodoxy in dialogue with the Radical Reformation tradition. Writers in this volume engage topics such as ecclesiology, martyrdom, worship, oath-taking, peace and violence.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword: John Milbank
  • Introduction: Tripp York and Chris K. Huebner
  • “Two Cheers for an Ontology of Violence: Reflections on Im/possibility”, Peter C. Blum
  • “Milbank and Violence: Against a Derridean Pacifism”, Kevin Derksen
  • “The Ballad of John and Anneken”, Tripp York
  • “The Word Made Silent: Reflections on Christian Identity and Scripture”, C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell
  • “Narrative Proclamation and Gospel Truthfulness: Why Christian Testimony Needs Speakers”, Craig Hovey
  • “Fugitive Ecclesia”, Peter Dula
  • “Desire and Theological Politics”, D. Stephen Long
  • “Harmony in Exile: Rest in its Embers”, Cheryl Pauls
  • “Participation, Peace, and Forgiveness: Milbank and Yoder in Dialogue”, Harry J. Huebner
  • “Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation: What Might Milbank and Mennonites Learn from Each Other?”, Chris K. Huebner

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Unsettling Arguments:
A Festschrift on the Occasion of Stanley Hauerwas’s 70th Birthday

Edited by Charles R. Pinches, Kelly S. Johnson, Charles M. Collier

Contributors: Scott Bader-Saye, Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, Michael Baxter, Daniel M. Bell Jr., Jana Marguerite Bennett, Michael G. Cartwright, William T. Cavanaugh, Peter Dula, Chris K. Huebner, Kelly S. Johnson, D. Stephen Long, M. Therese Lysaught, David Matzko McCarthy, Joel James Shuman, J. Alexander Sider, Jonathan Tran, Paul J. Wadell, Theodore Walker Jr.

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