Forthcoming in the Veritas series

Five new books are forthcoming in the Veritas series in 2010, to be published by SCM Press in association with the Centre of Theology and Philosophy:

  1. The Grandeur of Reason: Religion, Tradition and Universalism, edited by Peter M. Candler Jr. and Conor Cunningham
  2. Phenomenology and the Holy: Religious Experience after Husserl, by Espen Dahl
  3. Diagonal Advance: Perfection in Christian Theology, by Anthony D. Baker
  4. Protestant Metaphysics after Karl Barth and Martin Heidegger, by Timothy Stanley
  5. The Truth is the Way: Kierkegaard’s Theologia Viatorum, by Christopher Ben Simpson (cover not yet pictured)

Click the book covers pictured above to see larger versions of each.



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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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