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Michel Henry, Éditions de L’Âge d’Homme

Released this year is an edited volume by Jean Leclercq [1] and Jean-Marie Brohm [2] simply titled Michel Henry [3], Paris-Lausanne, Éditions de L’Âge d’Homme, 2009, 544 p.

In addition to works by Michel Henry (including some previously unpublished) and an interview with Anne Henry and Jean Leclercq, there are contributions from Jean-Louis Chrétien, Jean Leclercq, Jean-Luc Marion, Conor Cunningham (translated by Anne Henry), Nathalie Depraz, Michel Dupuis, Karl Hefty, Ruud Welten, Gabrielle Dufour-Kowalska, Jean Greisch, Rolf Kühn, Jean-François Lavigne, Éric Rhode, François Calori, Michel Fichant, Marc Herceg, Mario Lipsitz, Yukio Naka, Carole Talon-Hugon, Jérôme Thélot, Yorihiro Yamagata, Jean-Marie Brohm, Alain David, Christophe Dejour, Raúl Ballbé, Jean-Pierre Fabre, Éric Faÿ, Guy Flores, Emmanuel Galactéros, Miguel Garcia-Baro, Florinda Martins, Adriaan Peperzak, Pierre Piret, Giuliano Sansonetti, Karol Tarnowski, Antoine Vidalin, François-David Sebbah, and Roland Vaschalde.

A helpful article with more information on the contents of this volume may be found here on ACTU-PHILOSOPHIA [4].

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