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Hauerwas and Hart in latest issue of Mars Hill Audio Journal

Out today in the latest issue of the Mars Hill Audio Journal [1] (#98 [2]), Ken Myers has interviews with Stanley Hauerwas and David Bentley Hart. From the issue description:

Stanley Hauerwas, on the public witness of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and on why Neuhaus abandoned his 1960s radicalism to become a leading ‘theoconservative’.

David Bentley Hart, on the feeble and confused arguments of the recent crop of outspoken atheists and on how a misunderstanding of the nature of freedom is at the heart of their revulsion at religion.

The latest issue of the Mars Hill Audio Journal may be found here [2] (subscription or individual purchase required), and also contains interviews by Ken Myers with Clarke Forsythe, Gilbert Meilaender, Jeanne Murray Walker, and Roger Lundin.

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