Radical Orthodoxy Reader

Released in April is the Radical Orthodoxy Reader, edited by John Milbank and Simon Oliver.

Book description:

The Radical Orthodoxy Reader presents a selection of key readings in the field of Radical Orthodoxy, the most influential theological movement in contemporary academic theology. Radical Orthodoxy draws on pre-Enlightenment theology and philosophy to engage critically with the assumption and priorities of secularism, modernity, postmodernity and associated theologies. In doing so it explores a wide and exciting range of issues: music, language, society, the body, the city, power, motion, space, time, personhood, sex and gender. As such it is both controversial and extremely stimulating; provoking much fruitful debate amongst contemporary theologians.

To assist those encountering Radical Orthodoxy for the first time, each section has an introductory commentary, related reading and helpful questions to encourage in-depth understanding and further study.

Table of Contents:

  • Part One: What is Radical Orthodoxy?
    • Introduction (Oliver)
    • 1. Radical Orthodoxy: a conversation (Shortt)
    • 2. ‘Postmodern Critical Augustinianism’: A Short Summa in Forty-two Responses to Unasked Questions (Milbank)
  • Part Two: Theology and Philosophy, Faith and Reason Introduction
    • 3. Truth and Vision (Milbank)
    • 4. Duns Scotus: His Historical and Contemporary Significance (Pickstock)
  • Part Three: Theology and the Secular Introduction
    • 5. Spacialisation: the middle of modernity (Pickstock)
    • 6. Political Theology and the New Science of Politics (Milbank)
  • Part Four: Christ and Gift Introduction
    • 7. Christ the Exception (Milbank)
    • 8. The Schizoid Christ (Ward)
  • Part Five: Church and Eucharist Introduction
    • 9. Thomas Aquinas and the Quest for the Eucharist (Pickstock)
    • 10. The Ontological Scandal (Ward)
  • Part Six: Politics and Theology Introduction
    • 11. “A fire strong enough to consume the house:” The Wars of Religion and the rise of the nation state (Cavanaugh)
    • 12. Materialism and Transcendence (Milbank)
    • Afterward: The Grandeur of Reason and the Perversity of Rationalism: Radical Orthodoxy’s First Decade (Milbank)


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