Conference: Christian Social Teaching and the Politics of Money

Christian Social Teaching and the Politics of Money:
An International Conference on Religion and the Recession

9 and 10 July 2009
Senate Chamber
University of Nottingham

The working hypothesis of the conference is that there is there is a ‘middle’ position between an exclusively religious and a strictly secular perspective: faith can lead to a strong notion of the common good and a belief that human behaviour, when disciplined and directed, can start to act more charitably. There can also be secular intimations of this: the more faith-inspired practices are successful even in secular terms (more equality, more consensus, more human happiness, a better ecology), the easier it will be for secular institutions to adopt such a regulatory framework without having fully to embrace its religious basis. [More Word Document]

Speakers: Gabriella Berloffa, Phillip Blond, Luke Bretherton, Stratford Caldecott, Peter M. Candler Jr, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Zaki Cooper, Jon Cruddas MP, Very Revd Dr Jeffrey Cuttell, Revd Dr Andrew Davison, Donal Dorr, Shahid Ebrahim, Giuseppe Folloni, Maurice Glasman, Philip Goodchild, Revd Dr John Hughes, Rt. Revd Dr John Inge, Dr Michael Mack, Archbishop Mons. Javier Martínez, John Médaille, John Milbank, Michael Northcott, James Noyes, Simon Oliver, Adrian Pabst, Ann Pettifor, David L. Schindler, Rt. Revd Dr Peter Selby, Neil Turnbull, Norman Wirzba, Stefano Zamagni, Paul Spencer Williams [to see more information about these speakers, click here]

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(Sculpture by Sara Cunningham-Bell)

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