Conference: Scripture and Liturgy in the Theology of Benedict XVI


Scripture and Liturgy in the Theology of Benedict XVI

A conference with

Aidan Nichols OP, Michael Waldstein, Scott Hahn, Adrian Walker

This important theological conference with Dr Scott Hahn, the popular American writer and biblical scholar, which also features Dominican theologian Aidan Nichols, leading Biblical scholar Michael Waldstein, and Adrian Walker the translator of the Pope’s book on Jesus Christ, will take place at the Catholic Chaplaincy of Oxford University opposite Christ Church College on Saturday 1 November 2008. It is organized by the Centre for Faith and Culture in Oxford and cosponsored by Dr Hahn’s ‘St Paul Center for Biblical Theology’ in Steubenville, Ohio.

The purpose of the conference is to focus attention on the principles underlying the Pope’s ongoing ‘reform of the reform‘ of Catholic liturgy. The relationship between SCRIPTURE AND LITURGY underpins the Pope’s teaching. The Pope reminds us that ‘The privileged place for reading and listening to the Word of God is in the liturgy.’ Furthermore, that liturgy is cosmic, for the love of the Trinity moves the stars. These principles are inspiring a new liturgical movement.

Further event details and a conference programme may be found here.

A conference poster may be downloaded here [PDF].



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