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Naturalism Released!

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy, along with Eerdmans Press, is proud to announce the release of the first title in the Interventions series entitled Naturalism. Written by Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro, the authors “examine naturalism philosophically, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses. Whereas most other books on naturalism are written for professional philosophers alone, this one is aimed primarily at a college-educated audience interested in learning about this pervasive worldview.”


“This compact study makes a significant contribution to the question of whether, in an age of science, reasonable people need to resign themselves to a naturalistic understanding of the world. Is the intellectually respected assumption that ‘nature is all there is’ intellectually coherent? In this ‘intervention’ Goetz and Taliaferro provide a readable, critical response to this important question.”
– John F. Haught, Georgetown University

“Demonstrates with succinctness, brilliance, and precision that modern Anglo-Saxon naturalists are not rationalists but . . . are, in fact, the enemies of reason, which can only have any reality if the physical world has a spiritual, rational source.”
– John Milbank, University of Nottingham

“More than a few people seem to regard it as a mark of sophistication to hold that nothing exists that transcends the natural order. But, as Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro show in their splendid new book, ‘naturalism’ is anything but a sophisticated view of reality. Under rigorous philosophical scrutiny, it isn’t even a plausible one. . . . Patiently, gently, but in the end decisively, Goetz and Taliaferro demolish the dogmas of naturalism.”
– Robert P. George, Princeton University

“This little gem of a book is a bold intervention in current discussions of naturalism that dominate philosophy and cognitive science. Unlike so many others, it is not just a book written to make theists comfortably smug in the face of naturalist critiques. It is unabashedly directed to naturalists as well and seeks to engage them on their turf and on their terms. It should be required reading not only for theologians who sense an obligation to engage the broader cultural milieu, but also naturalists willing to relinquish dogmatism and actually listen. The book well fulfills its function as a ‘guide’–and more.”
– James K.A. Smith, Calvin College

“The clearest and most penetrating exposition and critique of naturalism anywhere. In accessible, nontechnical language and brevity of style, the authors have managed to identify important versions of naturalism and expose the Achilles’ heel of each. In a day when theologians and Christian leaders feel bullied by scientific naturalism, this book is a must-read.”
– J. P. Moreland, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

“Taliaferro and Goetz have written a brilliant book! These veteran philosophers represent naturalism fairly, both allowing its spokespersons to speak for themselves and accurately interpreting their views. Yet the authors’ criticisms of naturalism and their defense of theism are trenchant and insightful. Superbly done!”
– Paul Copan, Palm Beach Atlantic University



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