Between System And Poetics: William Desmond And Philosophy After Dialectic

by Thomas A. F. Kelly (Editor)

This is the first book-length examination of the work of an important contemporary thinker in the continental tradition, William Desmond. His thought is a new, post-modern way of articulating what he calls the ‘between’. Rooted in Plato and Augustine, and advancing through a confrontation with Hegel and Nietzsche, Desmond rejects facile scepticism and wins through to a strikingly original and powerfully searching articulation of the human. The present volume contains essays on Desmond’s work both by emerging scholars and by well-established thinkers. It also contains a specially written essay on the practices of philosophy by Desmond himself.

Between System and Poetics: William Desmond And Philosophy After Dialectic contains essays by Thomas A.F. Kelly, William Desmond, Garrett Barden, Jere O’Neill Surber, Cyril O’Regan, James L. Marsh, Catherine J.C. Pickstock, Renée Ryan, Jason J. Howard, Miles Smit, James McGuirk, Duston Moore, Richard Kearney, Ian Leask, John Milbank, Christopher Ben Simpson, John Hymers, and Peter Scheers.

Click here for the table of contents. Also, the introduction by Thomas A.F. Kelly in full can be found here.



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