Oliva Blanchette. Professor of Philosophy, Boston College. His publications include, The Perfection of the Universe According to Aquinas: a Teleological View [UK | US] and Philosophy of Being: A Reconstructive Essay [UK | US]. Professor Blanchette is also the translator of Maurice Blondel’s Action (1893): Essay on a Critique of Life and a Science of Practice [UK | US] and the author of the recently-released Maurice Blondel: A Philosophical Life [UK | US].

Phillip Blond. Director of ResPublica, and editor of Post-Secular Philosophy: Between Philosophy and Theology [UK | US].

Olivier Boulnois. Directeur d’études Religions et philosophie dans le christianisme au Moyen Âge École pratique des hautes études at the Sorbonne in Paris. He is the author of Être et représentation: Une généalogie de la méthaphysique moderne à l’époque de Duns Scot, Duns Scot, la rigueur de la charité, Je crois en un seul Dieu, and most recently Au delà de l’image : Une archéologie du visuel au Moyen Age.

William Desmond. Professor of Philosophy and Director of the International Program of Philosophy in the Higher Institute of Philosophy, Kathlieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He is the author of many books, including the philosophical trilogy Being and the Between, Ethics and the Between, and most recently God and the Between. The first won both the Prix Cardinal Mercier Award in 1995 and the J.N. Findlay Award of the Metaphysical Society of America for the best book in metaphysics. Other works include: Hegel’s God: Counterfeit Double? and Is There A Sabbath for Thought: Between Religion and Philosophy.

Alessandra Gerolin. Research fellow at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan). Author of Persona, libertà, storia. Studio su Lord Acton [Italy | US | UK], Coscienza dell’ordine e ordine della coscienza. Il pensiero filosofico e sociale di Frederick Denison Maurice [Italy | US | UK], and most recently Oltre l’idea moderna di lavoro. Suggestioni filosofiche e teologiche dal pensiero anglosassone [Italy | US | UK].

David Bentley Hart. An Eastern Orthodox theologian, Dr. Hart’s publications include, The Beauty of the Infinte: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth, The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami?, Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies, and In the Aftermath: Provocations and Laments.

Stanley Hauerwas. Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University Divinity School. His many publications include The Peaceable Kingdom: A Primer in Christian Ethics [UK | US], Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony (co-authored with William Willimon) [UK | US], Dispatches from the Front: Theological Engagements with the Secular [UK | US], With the Grain of the Universe: The Church’s Witness and Natural Theology(his published Gifford Lectures) [UK | US], Performing the Faith: Bonhoeffer and the Practice of Nonviolence [UK | US], Matthew: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible [UK | US], The State of the University: Academic Knowledges and the Knowledge of God (Illuminations) [UK | US], and most recently, Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir [UK | US].

Fergus Kerr O.P. Formerly Regent of Blackfriars Oxford, and currently Senior Lecturer in the Divinity School at the University of Edinburgh. His publications include, the acclaimed Theology After Wittgenstein, Immortal Longings, After Aquinas, and Twentieth Century Catholic Theologians. He is also editor of New Blackfriars.

Catherine Pickstock. Reader in Philosophy and Theology, Fellow and Tutor of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She is author of the acclaimed After Writing: On the Liturgical consummation of Philosophy; and Thomas d’Aquin et la quête eucharistque, and (with John Milbank) Truth in Aquinas. At the moment she is completing a book entitled Theory, Religion and Idiom in Platonic Philosophy.

Cyril O’Regan. Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame. Professor O’Regan’s publications include, The Heterodox Hegel, Gnostic Return in Modernity, and Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob Boehme’s Haunted Narrative.

Regina Schwartz. Professor of English, Northwestern University. Her publications include Remembering and Repeating: Biblical Creation in Paradise Lost, which won the James Holly Hanford prize for the best book on Milton; The Book and the Text: The Bible and Literary Theory, Desire in the Renaissance: Psychoanalysis and Literature, The Postmodern Bible, and most recently, The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism.

Graham Ward. Regius Professor of Divinity at Christ Church, University of Oxford.  His publications include, Barth, Derrida and the Language of Theology, Theology and Contemporary Critical Theory, Cities of God, True Religion, Cultural Transformation and Religious Practice, Christ and Culture, and most recently, The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Post-material Citizens. Edited volumes include The Postmodern God: a Theological Reader, The Certeau Reader, and (along with John Milbank and Catherine Pickstock) Radical Orthodoxy: a New Theology.

Honorary Fellows

Most Rev Dr Robin Eames, Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland.
Rt Rev Archbishop Javier Martínez, Archbishop of Granada, Spain.




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